The Right Amount And The Right Time To Drink Protein Shakes For Women

What are protein shakes for women?

A protein shake is a drink packed with protein; it gives a much needed protein boost to a person’s diet for those looking to lose weight or build muscle. Protein is broken down during digestion by an enzyme called proteases. The protein is then converted into amino acids, and these are the building blocks of protein. High levels of amino acids in the body then initiate the growth and repair of muscle and tissue.

Protein shakes for women have become very popular in recent years. This is because the misconception that protein shakes and protein powder are exclusively for body builders and those looking to get bulk has been eradicated. Protein shakes are great for anyone looking to lose weight. This is especially great for women because it gives them an alternative to help them lose weight instead of having to cut off a big part of their diet just to stay fit and slim. If a woman takes in a high protein, low carbohydrate diet, then her body begins to burn fat through a process called Ketosis.

There are many different ways to make protein shakes; different kinds of sources for proteins you can choose from to make your shake. You can choose to make them with protein powder (artificial powder made from soy, eggs, whey or rice) or you can use all-natural items like milk, eggs, cheese, yoghurt, cream, and fruits.

Protein powders are artificially made, though they provide a leaner content of protein without compromising with too many carbohydrates. Natural options on the other hand may contain excess fat, sugar or carbohydrates you may not want but provide the healthier and more traditional way of making protein shakes. After you have decided on what to use, it is just a matter of mixing your protein with your desired ingredients in a blender and drinking it; your other ingredients would depend on the flavor you want to make. There are many protein shake recipes available online, both for protein powder and natural items. Some of the most common flavors of protein shakes are, chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter and fruit.

What is the right amount of protein shakes intake for best results

The Right Amount And The Right Time To Drink Protein Shakes For WomenAccording to the Center For Disease Control, the ideal amount of protein intake for an average adult female is 46g a day. The recommended dietary intake of protein by the US government is 0.8g per kilogram of body weight a day. In order to calculate how much protein you need to intake in a day, you need to know your weight and your recommended dietary intake and allowance. From there, you have to monitor the intake of protein you receive from the shakes as well as from other sources.

One protein shake can range from about 15-22g of protein, is then recommended for an average female to take in 1-2 shakes a day. Anything more can be excessive, especially for someone who isn’t a regular body builder. Most of your protein intake should still be from a wholesome diet. Your protein shakes are only an addition to a healthy nutrition program. Therefore, if you are an average sized female who doesn’t work out every day, 1 protein shake a day is preferred. If you’re bigger than average, or someone who likes to do intensive activities often, then 1-2 shakes a day can produce optimum results. It cannot be stressed enough however, that your shakes are merely an additional source of protein. You should still maintain a balanced and healthy diet.

Because protein shakes contain not just protein but a lot of fats and carbohydrates too, it wouldn’t be ideal for someone looking to lose weight to take in protein shakes on top of their regular meals and diet. The increase in your calorie consumption can affect your weight loss. It is instead better to try and substitute a protein shake as a replacement for one of your meals; if you’re taking two or three a day, the rest can be taken in between your other meals. This way you retain the same amount of calories you take in a day but you gain more protein than you would have by eating a regular meal.

Also the right amount of protein shakes for you to intake would depend on the content of the protein shake you choose to make. If you are making one high in fat and carbohydrates, then it is advised you take just one. This is because the fat and carbohydrates can affect your diet and you can be exceeding the amount of calories your body can burn. That is why it is also best to carefully choose which shakes to prepare. One that is high in protein but low on extra calories is good, unless you are making them for your meal replacement; then a higher carbohydrate content is acceptable.

Side effects or negative effects if you take too much or too little protein

If your protein intake is less that the desirable amount, chances are you won’t get the results you desire and instead, your fat deposits build-up in place of lean muscle growth. In order for Ketosis to occur, you have to be sure to take in high doses of protein. But if you are someone without liver or kidney problems (those who are recommended for a low protein diet) and whose protein intake is significantly below the recommended amount every day, this can lead to serious problems like muscle wasting.

Muscle wasting is when your muscle mass deteriorates due to your muscle breaking down just to provide the adequate amount of nutrients for your body. In children, a low protein diet can lead to malnutrition, hindered growth and poor development. A balanced diet with protein is one of the most important nutritional values children need in order to achieve their maximum growth potential.

Now if your protein intake is much too high, this can lead to serious consequences too. As mentioned earlier, people who suffer from kidney or liver problems should watch their protein intake. It is recommended they go on low protein diets because protein encourages your organs to work, this causes strain to the liver and kidney. Other side effects of too much protein are, weight gain, seizures, intestinal problems (diarrheas and constipation), risk of heart disease, dehydration and kidney problems. Although the side effects of excessive protein sound frightening, it is important to remember that these symptoms only result from a highly excessive protein intake as well as an unbalanced diet and low water intake.

Both side effects of too much and too little protein intake can be easily avoided through following a strict and balanced diet plan. It also recommended to take half a gallon of water a day per 100g of protein intake.

What is the right time for you to take protein shakes

Generally, protein shakes are best taken in the morning. This is because after you sleep, you are fasted and your protein, fat and carbohydrate levels are low. This means that your body starts to break down muscle in order to attain protein. Protein shakes are also great taken in the morning because your body starts burning more calories because of the physical activity you do. This way, you will burn the excess fats and carbohydrates taken in with your shakes as well. If a protein shake is taken in the evening, it still supplies your body with protein but not as much as it would be needed right when you wake up in the morning. This would lead to a less effective result.

It is not recommended to intake a protein shake right before or right after a meal if you want the best results. Protein shakes can be sometimes taken to replace a meal, but never to substitute all your meals. However, if you are looking to squeeze your shakes apart from your meal, it’s best to take a shake at least 1.5-2 hours in between your meals if you’re looking to lose weight. This is to assure that you have a steady pool of protein throughout the day and you’re never too low that your body starts breaking down muscle, nor are you too high in protein that your body starts storing them as fat. Remember, your protein shakes are protein intakes on top of your daily diet. You are still getting in protein with the meals you eat.

Protein shakes for women are best taken after a workout for those looking to build muscle. This is because 30-60 minutes after you work out, your muscle becomes absorbent, therefore it takes in nutrients like protein as part of their recovery process;. Also, shortly after a workout, your body continues to burn calories like carbohydrates and fats, so you can burn away the excess fats and carbohydrates your shake gives you. Also, taking in carbohydrates after a workout helps the building and processing of amino acids After working out, your muscles start to build and recover. The intake of protein during this period maximizes the effect of a high protein diet to build muscle and burn fat.

Repercussions of not taking protein shakes at the right time

If Protein shakes are taken in at the wrong time, you won’t get the best and desired results. This is because although you are on a high protein diet, you do not know how to use that protein wisely. This won’t help maximize weight loss nor body building.

If you take a protein shake at a time when it won’t be as effective, you risk putting on and gaining extra fat. Your body stores the extra protein as fat when your body has too much of it in store and your muscles don’t need them. Wherein later on, when your body does need the protein but your levels are low, your body will use up your muscles to get its required amino acids.

Also, if you don’t know how to maximize the timing of your protein shakes, your body can spend too long from recovering from an intense workout. This is because you did not supply the required protein when it was needed. You may suffer from muscle pains, aches, and strains which in turn will make you rest too long before hitting the gym or working out again. If you exhaust your muscles too much by not giving them the right tools (protein) to repair, you are at risk of suffering muscle damage as well.

By taking protein shakes at the right time, and in the right amount, what benefits do you get?

Protein shakes for women, if taken in at the right time and amount can help burn fat and build a leaner body in a shorter amount of time than it would take for her to do that with diet and exercise alone. Through the process of Ketosis and through the continuous processing of amino acids, the body gets maximum help in achieving a slimmer and leaner form.

Protein shakes are popular among many because of its proven effect in helping lose weight and build muscle. Many studies have shown that protein is a mandatory part of the slimming down process. It is protein that converts your body fat to muscle and those who tried to lose weight without including protein in their diet either failed to do so or had only minor improvements. Major improvements if any, were deemed to be unhealthy because of the lack of healthy muscle they contained.

With a healthy and leaner body come a number of benefits. However, it all starts with eating right, slimming down, building muscle and maintaining a proper diet. This can all be achieved by following your trainer for your exercise regimen and being disciplined with your diet as well as your protein intake schedule and dosage.

For some people, no matter how much protein they take in, it sometimes still isn’t enough. This is because they are not educated on how the body and its metabolism works. Therefore, they do not benefit from a high protein diet. This is a common misconception that often leads to the discouragement of an individual because most people don’t realize that amount and timing do matter and not just for your workout plan.

It takes more than just the tools to learn, you have to know how to use them. Protein shakes are not wonder products that will magically turn everyone slimmer and leaner, they have to be used with the proper diet, exercise, dosage and timing. This cannot be stressed enough because it is the key for those looking for the best results.

Although it sounds difficult with a lot of strict restrictions and guides to follow, it will be worth it once the results come rolling in. If you maintain a proper diet and exercise program as well as take in the right amount of protein at the right time, it is a guarantee that you will shed body fat and gain lean muscle.

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