The Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Hair

If you are thinking about going to cosmetology school, it is important for you to understand the differences between your customers. After all, the most important thing for you to keep in mind is the expectations of your customer. For example, there may be some people who are looking for a mens haircut salon while other people may be looking for someone who specializes in women’s hair. Therefore, it is important for you to understand some of the similarities and differences between men’s and women’s haircuts. What are a few important points you need to keep in mind?

Men’s and Women’s Hair Grows at the Same Rate

First, understand that men’s and women’s hair grows at the same rate. Even though there may be some differences from person to person, the average rate for men and women is the same. Therefore, you should keep this in mind if someone is asking when they need to come back for another haircut. Even though this is a matter of personal preference, it may be helpful for you to know how quickly hair grows. On average, it grows at a rate of 0.5 inches per month.

Men Often Require More Frequent Haircuts

Because hair tends to grow at the same rate, men often require more frequent haircuts. Men tend to keep their hair shorter, which means it is time for them to cut it sooner. If you have a guy who comes in regularly for a haircut, they may have to come in more often than a woman. If you are trying to schedule repeat visits for that person, you may want to keep that in mind. Some women only get their haircut a few times per year, while some men get their haircut once per month.

Men Have Facial Hair

Of course, another major difference is that men have facial hair. Even though not every guy is going to expect a barber or a cosmetologist to deal with their facial hair, some do. If you want to provide complete hair service to a man, you may want to learn how to style facial hair. This could include dealing with beards, mustaches, goatees, and other types of styles. There might also be special products you need to use on the facial hair in order to take care of it appropriately.

Women Want Coloring and Styling More Often

Finally, women also have a lot of unique expectations when it comes to their hair. For example, a lot of women want to die a certain portion of their hair. Some women may want to get a perm. Even though this is unusual among men, you do need to be prepared to cater to the needs of women who have these expectations. If you want to provide these services, you need to study how to perform them safely and effectively in cosmetology school. That way, you can meet the needs of your customers who come in asking for additional coloring and styling.

Think About the Expectations of Your Customers

These are a few of the most important points you should keep in mind if you are thinking about the expectations of your customers. If you are going to school to learn how to style hair, you need to make sure you meet the expectations of your customers. That way, you can convince them to come back for more cuts in the future. If you think about these differences ahead of time, you should be able to serve the needs of both men and women who come to your salon.

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