Keeping Your Oily Skin Under Control and Maintaining It

Millions of men and women have oily skin and many are unsure of how to deal with it or manage it. While oily skin can be quite annoying, it can be controlled. No one wants to walk around with a bright and shiny face, so we’re going to discuss some various methods of keeping the oil at bay and how you can have your skin looking beautifully clear in no time.

Skin Care Regimen for Oily Skin

If you have oily skin you probably know by now that your skin is more prone to breakouts such as pimples and blackheads, so it is important to keep your face clean.

The first myth we should dispel about treating oily skin is that you should wash it more often. This is completely false. If you over-wash your oily skin you risk excessive dryness to the skin, which can ironically cause the oil glands to start producing more oil.

The most basic part of your skin care regimen is that you should only wash your face twice a day. Once in the morning and once before bed is sufficient. Both men and women with oily skin should follow a strict skin care regimen to take care of oily skin.

When you wash your face in the morning you should first start with a gentle exfoliating scrub. You don’t want a scrub that is too harsh on skin. Try to find an exfoliator that is intended just for oily skin. You should use the exfoliator with warm water, rubbing it on the skin in a circular motion. You should focus heavily on the areas that are most oily, which tend to be the nose, forehead, and cheeks. After exfoliating, rinse your face with cool water to seal pores.

A Great Home Remedy for Oily Skin – Simple Instructions

Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Acne Wash Scrub retails for around $7.99 and is a perfect choice for a cleansing exfoliator for oily skin. This scrub has small exfoliating beads that give your skin a gentle deep clean that removes all dead skin cells and helps unclog pores. The scrub contains salicylic acid that will help reduce pimples and prevent new outbreaks.

Organic scrubs and those for sensitive skin from brands such as Burt’s Bees and Organic Bath Company are also great for oily skin. These exfoliating scrubs are gentle on your skin allowing the scrub to thoroughly clean your skin while still being gentle enough to prevent more oil production.

Keeping Your Oily Skin Under Control and Maintaining It
By: Robert Bejil

If you have severe oily skin or are serious about getting it under control, you could try the dermatologist recommended Clarisonic Skincare Brush, retailing for $195. This electronic brush gently scrubs the skin with the scrub or cleanser of your choice. The Clarisonic Skincare Brush has interchangeable heads that move in a back and forth motion to gently exfoliate and clean your skin. The brush makes more than 300 motions per second so it cleans the surface of the skin more thoroughly than your hands or a rag could.

Once your face has dried after exfoliating and cleansing, you will need to apply a toner. Toner, also commonly called an astringent, is used on the skin to help reduce the oil on the skin and prevent breakouts. Most commonly a toner is applied by using a cotton ball or a cosmetic pad. Put a small amount of toner on the applicator, and dab it gently on your skin, focusing more on the most oily areas of your face.

When finding the right toner for your oily skin, you will need to choose one that does not use alcohol. Alcohol is not good for oily skin because it can overly dry out the skin and cause more oil production.

Witch hazel is an ingredient that is commonly found in toners intended for oily skin. For a cheap toner that is gentle on the skin and contains zero alcohol, try Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner, retailing for $4 for 16 oz.

Some excellent dermatologist recommended toners that are on the higher end are Darphin Purifying Toner ($50 for 6.7 oz.), Perricone MD Skin Clear Acne Toner ($23 for 6 oz.), and Ahava Matifying Toner for Oily Skin ($40 for 8.5 oz.).

After you are done applying toner and your face has dried, you should then apply an oil control lotion all over the face in upward strokes. You only need a small dime-sized amount of lotion. Allow the lotion to dry.

There are tons of dermatologist approved oil control lotions sold from retailers such as Sephora, MAC, ULTA, and even MaryKay. If you prefer a scented lotion, there are varieties for both men and women, and there are unscented lotions.

Some of the most highly rated oil control lotions are Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion ($28), MAC Oil Control Lotion ($15), Alyria Oil Free Matifying Lotion ($60), and Cosmedicine Medi-Matte Oil Control Lotion ($29.99). Cheaper options are also sold at department and drug stores. When looking for an oil control lotion, be sure to find one that specifically states on the bottle that it is for controlling oily skin.

At night before you go to bed wash your face with soap and warm water. Use a soap that is intended for use on oily skin. Lather the soap up on a washrag that is wet with warm water and gently massage into your skin. Rinse with cool water.

Oil control soaps are easily found at department stores, mass-merchandise retailers, and drugstores. These soaps will be clearly labeled that they are for oily skin.

After drying your skin, apply your toner as you would in the morning.

Follow this regimen every day and you will be on your way to skin that is oil-free and beautiful. If you find that this regimen is causing your skin to become drier than normal, try reducing the use of toner to only once a day or a few times a week until your skin can get used to it.

Tips to Maintaining Oil-Free Skin

One of the best things you can do to help oily skin and prevent breakouts is keep your hands off of it. Try to avoid touching your face as much as possible. By not touching your face you prevent spreading bacteria that could cause breakouts, and keep the skin from becoming agitated and producing more oil.

Men and women can use oil-blotting cloths for use during the day between washes. These little cloths are discreet and can be carried in pockets or a purse.

Women who wear makeup should use foundation and powder that is for sensitive or oily skin. There are also makeups that are oil-free and are perfect for oily skin. Opt for light powders and mousse foundations if possible. Between touch-ups during the day, use your oil-blotting cloths to remove excess oil before applying more makeup.

Avoid moisturizing the face unless you have certain areas that are dry. Only apply moisturizer to those areas instead of the entire face.

Following a skin care regimen is not going to change the fact that you have oily skin, and it isn’t going to cure it, but it can help you maintain your skin and keep oil production at a minimum. If you are still having problems with oily skin, you should see a dermatologist as you might require prescription strength products.

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