Important Points about Hydrocodone Watson 349

There are a lot of people who do not know a lot of details regarding medications. This is the reason why they always need the approval of their doctor when they would need to take medications for some of the health conditions that they have.

Different medications are used for different types of health conditions. For instance, there are some people who would need various medications for diabetes and other health conditions that need constant maintenance. And yet there are also some medications that are not to be taken regularly. Rather, they should only be taken when it is required.

What is Hydrocodone Watson 349?


Hydrocodone Watson 349 is just one of the medications that people usually whenever they would need to get rid of moderate to severe type of pain. It contains two main components namely hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Basically, the hydrocodone works by making sure that the body will react differently to the pain that is being felt and acetaminophen will make sure that if the person has fever it will be lessened considerably.

You can usually tell if you have the right medication if you would have a small white pill with the words Watson 349 that can be seen easily when you just place it upfront. It is about 4mm thick. This drug is available in different parts of the world. It is not surprising that there are some people who get prescribed with this medication especially if they are undergoing extreme pain.

Some of the conditions by which the use of this medication may be considered important are the following:

  • Joint pains brought about by serious conditions such as lupus arthritis.
  • Chronic arthritis of different parts of the body.
  • Acute back pain or chronic back pain brought about by accidents or injury.
  • Migraine and tension headaches especially those who get them in severe form.
  • Pains that are brought about by Cancer of any form.

Those who have the conditions that are mentioned above may be prescribed with the medication in order to help them get relief from pain.

How to Take Hydrocodone Watson 349

Usually, this type of medication is taken orally. It does not require anyone to eat food first before it can be taken because it can still work whether people will eat food first or not. For people who usually experience nausea after taking some medications, taking this drug with food may be recommended by the doctor.

The dosage for people who would need to take this medication can be different from one person to another. For instance, there are some people who only need to take a small amount because what they are experiencing is not chronic and can go away over time but for those who have recurring or chronic sickness, the dosage may be increased. It can also be increased depending on the severity of the condition of the patient.

People are not recommended to increase the dosages that they have to take on their own since this can be bad for their health. Usually, the doctor will be in charge of changing the medication depending on the needs of the patient.

The same with all other pain medications; this is the type of medication that is best taken when the pain starts to occur. When people try to ignore the pain brought about by a certain condition, there is a big chance that the pain will worsen and it will be harder for the medication to work through that.

Some Important Points to Remember

Since dosage has already been discussed, it will be important to focus on the things that might occur if the following situations will be experienced:

  • Missed Dose – This is not really the type of medication that would need to be taken at certain hours of the day. Rather, this should be taken whenever people start feeling pain because of their conditions but if in case another medication is taken because of this, contacting the doctor will be the best thing to do. Missing a dose does not mean that taking two pills next time is okay.
  • Over Dosage – Some people cannot really function that well because of the pain that they are feeling so they might intentionally or unintentionally try to take too much pills at the same time. If in case over dosage occurs, there are some obvious signs such as the discoloration of the skin. Some may even get too drowsy that can lead to having a comatose condition. Other signs also include having extremely dilated pupils and even seizures.

If in case of an overdose, people are recommended to bring the patient to the ER immediately since immediate pumping of the medications would have to be done. Too much drugs on people’s systems may lead to various complications even death.

Storing the Medication Properly

People who have this medication at home would need to make sure that they will store it properly otherwise all the pills will not be good for use anymore. It is important that like other medications, this will be kept away from sunlight. It is also important that this will not be played with or ingested by children as this can cause some serious effects. There is a certain temperature required to ensure that nothing will change in the components of these pills. People would have to keep the temperature just right for the medication so that it will not go bad.  Medications can also expire so if in case this expires, this should not be taken anymore.

Some Side Effects of Hydrocodone Watson 349

It will be important for people to know if they are experiencing some side effects because of taking this medication.

Here are some of the side effects that people may get to experience with the use of this medication:

  • Lightheadedness
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness

All these side effects can be lessened if people would try to stand up very slowly on their side from a lying position. This will help reduce the sudden jolt of dizziness that people may feel if they would suddenly sit up or stand up without preparing their body first.

  • Constipation

It can be a very uncomfortable feeling to be constipated mainly because the stomach may feel queasy. This is one side effect that can be stopped though as long as people would take a lot of water and if their condition permits, do some exercises. Exercising can help people release their stools faster.

  • Allergies

There are some people who are allergic to some of the components that may be used to create this medicine. There are some signs that people are suffering from allergies such as the fact that people can have rashes all over their bodies. In some severe cases, people may become a bit deaf because of allergies. If in case of allergies, going to the doctor immediately is important.

Allergies can also be prevented if patients would inform their doctor ahead of time about some of the things that they usually cannot take and what they can take. The doctor will know immediately if the medication is right for the person or not.

Do remember that doctors will only prescribe medications if they feel that the benefits that can be received with the medication will weigh more than the side effects. A lot of medications can have some side effects but they may differ from one person to another.

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