How to Reduce Breast Size Naturally

While the women’s breasts are usually looked on as women’s sign of being feminine, there are a lot of women who are not happy with their current breast size.
There are a lot of women who go through breast augmentation to increase the size of their breasts but there are also some who reduce the size of their breasts because they just feel uncomfortable with their breasts’ current size.
If you would also like to reduce your breast size but you do not want to undergo breast reduction surgery, you will be glad to know that there are several ways by on how to reduce breast size naturally.

How to Reduce Breast Size

How to Reduce Breast Size

Lose Weight

Often times, the main reason why people women have large breasts is because their breasts are made up of fatty breast tissues that can be eliminated if people would lose weight. This can be a positive thing to do since people are going to lose weight naturally and have smaller breasts at the same time. In order to lose weight effectively, women would have to undergo a low calorie diet. The way that this diet works is a person would have to be aware of how much she weighs. The moment that she knows her weight, she can then start to compute how much calories she needs to take in a day. Women usually have to reduce about 500 to 1000 calories from their usual calorie intake to lose weight. Aside from the low calorie diet, women may want to try out other diets that are currently available.


Even though experts always recommend that people should exercise, only a few people actually take time to follow the advice of the experts. More often than not, people only exercise when they have a short term goal. The moment that they reach their goal, they stop. With breast reduction, it may not be easy to lose the excess breast fat with just exercise.

There are some chest exercises that will get rid of the fat but women should be careful not to overdo the exercises because this might cause the breast muscles to grow and will lead to larger breasts. A couple of the exercise types that women must do are the following:

  • Aerobics – For those who are not familiar with aerobic exercises, these are exercises that usually involves total – body workout. This means that these exercises are not only meant to make people lose weight but it can also make the metabolism work faster which can make weight loss much and breast reduction easier to accomplish.
  • Anaerobic – These exercises are done in order to tone the muscles. Ultimately what anaerobic exercises can do is tone the muscles that can be found under the breasts which can result to smaller breasts.


It seems that there are some people who think that they can reduce their breast size if they have poor posture. This is not true at all. How to reduce breast size naturally? Have good posture. When people are not standing or sitting up straight, their breasts will tend to look bigger. Standing up straight may seem like you are emphasizing your breasts but this will actually make them appear more normal sized. The shape of the breasts will not also be awkward so this can help tremendously.

Through Clothing

It seems that there are some people who are not aware that the clothes that they wear can actually help breasts look bigger or smaller. From the undergarments, it will help if women could wear sports bras or binders. Sports bras may be more recommended especially if people would still want to feel comfortable.

Those who wear binders sometimes have hard time breathing especially because they feel that their chests are being restricted. Women who would want to take away the attention from their breasts must also avoid clothes that can emphasize the way their breasts look. Here are other tips that should be remembered:

  • Avoid Wearing Tops that are too tight – The right kind of clothes can also make people appear slimmer than they really are. Wearing clothes that are too tight will only emphasize the bulges that may be present in the body. The breasts will also be emphasized with tops that are too tight.
  • Wear Flared Bottom Shirts –If in case you are trendy and you would like to wear something on trend that will help reduce breast size, remember that you can wear flared bottom shirts. Usually, these shirts will make people’s attention go downward which will lessen the attention on people’s breasts.
  • Emphasize Hips Instead of Breasts – There are some clothes that people can wear that emphasize people’s hips and this will lessen the attention that can be placed on the breast area. Do remember that this may not always be a good thing if women are pear shaped since women with pear shaped bodies usually have larger hips than the classic hour glass.
  • Avoid Wearing Tops with Plunging Necklines – While that V – neck top may look great on the mannequin, it does not mean that it will look good with women who would want to reduce their breast size. This outfit may work if women would like to flaunt their breasts but if reduction is the main key, this should be avoided.
  • Clothes That Have a Lot of Embellishments at the Chest Area Should be Avoided – There are a lot of tops right now that may have a lot of embellishments present near the chest area. These embellishments may cause the breasts to look bigger than they actually are.

Do remember that wearing the right bra can make a lot of difference. More often than not, people get embarrassed when they have to ask people to help them search for their correct size. People who wear the wrong size usually appear to have bigger or unattractive looking breasts.

Wearing the right bra will not only makes people’s breasts become smaller, women will also feel more comfortable and will fit better wearing the right clothes. These are just some of the ways on how to reduce breast size naturally.

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