How Many Squats A Day Should I Do?

If in case you are more into losing weight, what do you think are the exercises that you should do in order to make the weight loss effective? There are some people who feel that what they can do is make a series of exercises that they have to do on a daily basis but people have to remember that there are certain exercises that cannot be done every day.

Some people are just too busy doing all the things that they have to do so instead of doing a routine each time they get the chance, they just focus on doing one type of exercise. If you are also looking for just one exercise that you can use, you can probably choose to do squats. People usually would like to know how many squats a day should I do. This is already common and people will find the right information at the right time.

How Many Squats A Day

Why Choose Squats?

With the number of various exercises that people can try, some may be wondering why squats should be chosen. There are different reasons why such as the following:

  • Squats Does Not Require Any Equipment – The great thing about squats is that even though you can use equipment to improve the effect that it will have on you, most of the time, people who would like to do the exercise do not need to purchase weights. They can simply do the exercises whenever they would want to.
  • Squats can be Done Anytime, Anywhere – There are moments when people are not too sure how they are going to squeeze in some exercises because they are too busy with work. More often than not, people are already too tired to exercise the moment they get home so they just eat and fall asleep. This type of lifestyle will not help in promoting weight loss at all.
  • Squats is a Compound Exercise – Most people probably do not know what this means. A compound exercise means a type of exercise that can work out different muscle groups of the body. This can be a good thing because this can make weight loss more effective.

In order to lose weight and to learn how many squats a day should I do, people should learn how to burn different calories that they might have taken throughout the whole day.

Some Benefits of Squats

There are some benefits of squats that should be reiterated so that people will begin to see why this is a good exercise to try. Some of the benefits include the following:

  • Easy to Repeat – Since the exercise is very simple, it does not take a genius to know exactly what to do in order to make it effective. When doing this exercise though, it is important to pay close attention to the form of the body since not being in proper form can work out the wrong muscle groups.
  • Can Burn Calories – There are some people who cannot help but take in a lot of calories throughout the day. In order not to gain a few pounds, they know that they would have to reduce the amount of calories that they have taken by trying to exercise and burning the excess calories. Doing squats is known to be more effective than other exercises when it comes to burning calories.
  • Can Rise Metabolism – Since this exercise is known to be able to burn more calories, it is only common that people’s metabolism will go faster as well. This can help people burn more fat and eventually lose weight in the long run.

Do remember that there are instances when people find it hard to lose weight because of their lack of muscles. When people have more muscles, it makes it harder for fat to come back so it would be best if people would also build muscles in the process.

How Many Squats a Day are recommended?

There are some people right now who are still confused with the number of squats that they should do every day. Again, this depends on what you are aiming for.

  • 20 squats a day – This is usually ideal for beginners who would want to start doing the exercise. People can then start to progress as 20 squats a day becomes easier and easier.
  • 50 squats a day – This number is already ideal for making people’s metabolism go faster although people usually still have a long way to go before they can make squats an exercise that they can use for a long time.
  • 100 squats a day – This number of squats done every day is recommended for people who would want a bit of a lifestyle change. It can be a bit hard to accomplish when done for the first time so people would have to progress a bit before this can be done.

The number of squats that people are going to do every day will depend on what people are planning to accomplish. Knowing what your main goal is will help you in accomplishing what you have in mind. Make sure that you keep track of the number of squats that you do every day.

You also have to remember that you are not supposed to repeat the exercises on a daily basis. This is because when you do the same exercises all over and over again, there is a tendency for the muscles to become overworked. When muscles are not able to recover, people usually feel more sluggish and tired.

You do not want to feel this way because the main reason why you are exercising should be in order to promote your health not only to look good aesthetically but to feel good in general. You are recommended to do the exercises every other day. You may want to do other exercises during the alternating days to work out another set of muscle group.

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