How Many Pushups Should People Do

There are instances when people become confused with the different exercises that they would like to do probably because there are so many that are available. One of the most popular and oldest exercises that never get old though is pushups. There are a lot of people right now who still do it every day.

Most people though just include it as one of the exercises that they do in a day. Some people would like to be able to do it alone but how many pushups should be done every day to make it effective in making people lose weight and have stronger cores?


How Many Pushups Should People Do

What are Pushups?

Even though pushup is one of the most popular exercises right now, there are still some people who are not aware of how this exercise is done. It usually involves lying face down on the floor.

Putting both hands on both sides and slowly raising your body up with the help of your arms and your toes. Do remember that there is a difference between the pushups that women and men do. The pushups that women do may be easier to do but eventually, women can also elevate to the usual pushups.

Recommended Amount of Push Ups

For people who are not sure about how many pushups should I do, it will usually depend on people’s age, their current health condition and their gender. As people grow older, the number of pushups that should be done also becomes fewer. Adults who are about 20 – 30 years old usually can do about 50 for men and about 45 for women. Adults who are 31 – 40 years old are recommended to do about 45 a day while females should do about 35 a day. 41 – 50 year old male adults should do about 40 a day and females about 30 a day. Adult makes who are 51 years old and above can do around 30 while adult females at this age can do about 20. The younger you are, the more pushups you should do in a day.

Things to Remember

Before people should focus on the number of pushups that they should do throughout the day, a lot of people right now should be more focused on the program that they should follow for a certain period of time. Here are just some of the things that people should remember to become effective in using pushups as one of the exercises that would have to be done:

  • Consult with a trainer regarding the program that should be followed. If you do not have any background on the things that should be done, it would be best if you would allow a professional to do it for you. It is highly likely that the trainer will base it on your current weight, your age and your current health condition. You can be sure that you will get a personalized program that will work best for you.
  • Know exactly what you would like to do. There are instances when people fail at what they do because they are not sure what they would like to achieve. Once you have already set the goals that you would like to do, you can take it one step at a time. For instance, you can make your goals for each week so that you can be sure if you are able to achieve those goals.
  • Once you are already more confident about the programs that you are trying out, you can also research on your own and make your own program with different variations which you think will be more effective in making you lose weight and get ripped faster. Do remember that you may still have to consult with your trainer and a doctor to be sure that the program you have created for yourself is safe. There are times when people make programs that are too hard that they end up hurting themselves. Do not let this happen to you.
  • Follow the schedule that you have to do. For instance, if your schedule is every other day, follow that schedule. You are supposed to let your group of muscles rest from time to time. This will help your muscles to become stronger and rejuvenate. In between, you can also try other exercises that can effectively make you lose weight. Remember that toning is faster if you do not have excess weight.
  • Make sure that you keep your proper form when you are exercising. There are some people who focus too much on the repetitions that they have to do that they tend to have the wrong posture while exercising. This can be very bad for the back.

Exercising Tips

Even though people are already familiar with exercising as well as doing pushups, there are still instances when people make mistakes that can cause them to have problems or become injured. Try to avoid this from happening by following these exercising tips:

  • Suck Your Tummy In and Keep Your Back Flat – There are a lot of people who do not get why this should be done when it can be extremely hard to suck the tummy while laying facedown. Do remember that whenever you do this, you will feel all of your muscles working. You will be able to tell which groups of muscles are working in the process.
  • Breathe Properly – There are instances when people tend to hold in their breaths when they are exercising. This is not only for doing pushups but for other exercises as well. Remember that you would need to breathe properly because you need to supply oxygen to different parts of your body to effectively do the exercises.
  • Hydrate– There is some people who are not into drinking water because of the different juices and the carbonated drinks that are available. The body will be able to cope better when it is properly hydrated.

Knowing all this tips and how many pushups should I do can help people effectively lose weight and become toned in a given period of time.

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