How Many Calories Do Jumping Jacks Burn

While there are easy things that people can do to lose weight such as drink slimming pills and teas or to undergo several treatments that can help reduce the weight that they have gained, people are still into exercising and doing hard work to get the body that they have always wanted. The most common exercise that people still do is jumping jacks.

It is true that there are no clear records that show how the exercise came about but probably because it is easy to do that people have used the exercise for different purposes in the past. In fact, jumping jacks are so popular that they are being used in different areas all over the world. You will usually see people doing jumping jacks not only at the gym but also at training grounds, school grounds and even in the military forces.

What Does Jumping Jacks Exercise Do for People?


How Many Calories Do Jumping Jacks Burn

Like already mentioned earlier, the jumping jacks exercise is one of the easiest exercises that people can do. It is so easy that people usually start learning about this exercise back when they were kids. Even if kids do it for fun, adults usually do it together with a variety of other exercises in order to get the benefits that can come with it.

  • Helps Tone Body – Even though people go on diets that can help people successfully reduce weight, the body is usually not toned enough so it still does not look healthy. When people do jumping jacks, the whole body is involved in the exercise and will help almost all of the muscles gain movement. Overall, this can tone the different parts of the body.
  • Can Help Relieve Pain – For people who are already experiencing pain, doing the jumping jacks exercise may become a form of torture in the beginning but actually, doing exercises will help release some hormones in the brain that can help people forget that they are feeling pain.
  • Helps Burn Calories – The main purpose why people exercise is in order to lose weight. When people burn up calories that they have stored in their bodies, this usually helps people lose weight. Do remember though that proper breathing is crucial to make jumping jacks exercise a success.

When people do the jumping jacks exercise, their heart rate increases and this promotes a healthier body overall.

How Many Calories do Jumping Jacks Burn

How many calories do jumping jacks burn.” is usually a question that people ask if they have never tried doing jumping jacks in the past. Before you assume that there is an immediate number that you will see to determine the loss of calories during the jumping jacks exercise, remember that there are some factors that will affect this:

  • Current Weight – There is a tendency for people who weigh more than the normal person to burn more calories when doing the exercise because more effort is required for the person to jump successfully each time.
  • Intensity of Workout – There are some people who assume that they can already lose all of their extra weight because they are doing the exercise but those who are doing high intensity workout can lose more than those who are just doing normal workout. People can burn about 150 – 400 calories per hour when doing the jumping jack exercises.
  • Gender – There is a tendency for males to lose more calories than women.
  • Age – As people age, their metabolism also slows down. This means that even if a person does high intensity workouts but is older than others who perform the same exercises, the calories burned may be fewer too.

Do remember that if a person cannot compute how many calories a person can lose for an hour of jumping jacks exercise, that person can always make use of the calorie calculators that can be found on the Internet. Usually, he or she would be required to fill in some fields to let the calculator know some details. Through the details that are gathered, the calculator will be able to pinpoint how much calories a person can lose in an hour of exercise.

How to Properly Do Jumping Jacks

While this exercise is relatively easy to learn that even kids can do it, there are some people who do not practice the right way in doing it. This may sometimes result to some muscles being stretched painfully and some accidents taking place. Here is how you can properly do jumping jacks:

1)      Make sure that you stand up straight. Your feet should be straight and planted firmly on the ground. Your arms should also be located at either side of you while your head should be comfortable enough.

2)      Bend your knees properly and jump. Make sure that you also spread your arms going above your head. Your legs should also be wide apart at the same time. After doing this, revert to your old position.

3)      Do these two steps continuously or until you can.Do remember that you have to make sure that you are wearing the proper gear when doing the jumping jacks exercise. Trying to jump without proper footwear will put the strain on your feet. Make sure that the strain is lessened with quality footwear.

Things to Remember

Even though jumping jacks is a full body exercise, people are still recommended to not do it every day because it might affect some parts of the body. The exercise can also be very demanding for the body because it makes the whole body work. Before making your own routine, it would help to consult with a professional first that can truly tell the person how many should be done in a day and can guide the person in knowing more details on how to maximize the use of jumping jacks as a workout activity. Through these things, people will be able to tell how many calories do jumping jacks burn.

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