Fast Weight Loss – How To Do It Safely

Tired of shock and modern diets? Follow these healthy tips for fast weight loss.

Fast Weight Loss - How To Do It Safely
Fast Weight Loss – How To Do It Safely

You’ve heard it many times: modern diets are not effective for permanent weight loss. But what about the cases where you really need to lose weight fast? It’s hard to get past the temptations of shock diets like the Lemonade Diet, the Cabbage Soup Diet, or the 21-Pound 21-Day Diet when your mission is to slip into a new prom dress, wedding, or another special event.

What is wrong with the rapid weight loss of 9 kg. to impress your family and friends with your elegant new shape?

The truth is that everything is fine with fast weight loss – at least if you do it right. In theory, a person could lose 9 kg. per week if you follow a very ambitious diet and exercise plan, devoting more than seven hours per week to vigorous exercise and under the care of a medical professional.

But even if you can’t drop everything and go to a field weight loss camp, you can safely lose 1 to 1.5 pounds or more a week at home with a healthy diet and lots of exercises, say weight loss instructors and certified nutritionists.

In fact, setting a goal to look good at an event such as a wedding or gathering can be a great motivation, at least if you follow a weight loss plan that you can continue to follow after the special event.

But you need to plan ahead and allow yourself enough time to make changes to your figure. Do not wait a week before collection to start trying to lose 4.5 kg, nutritionists advise.

With a few rules, we can lose weight easily and quickly, without limiting ourselves, starving, and exhausting our bodies. This happens with a change in eating habits. Some of the rules for weight loss without diets, choose low-calorie meals and cook products so as to preserve their nutrients.

We start our day with breakfast

Many people start their first meal after 10-11 o’clock, even at lunch. As hours pass from waking to the first meal, the stomach is empty, the metabolism slows down, and so we do not burn calories. I am not a supporter of the theory that breakfast should be the most abundant meal of the day, but healthy in quality and quantity. You can eat 2 toasted slices of black bread with fruit juice or yogurt, or breakfast cereal with milk. Research shows that people who eat breakfast in the morning burn more easily the calories they eat during the day.

A large portion of salad for each main meal

But it should not contain cheese, yellow cheese, meat, but only vegetables and 2-3 types. Diversity and abundance act psychologically to satisfy the appetite. With salad, the body gets useful vitamins, minerals, and plenty of water. And since we will feel more satisfied with it, it will be enough for us if the main dish is a smaller amount.

Whole grains instead of white bread

Whole grains, which are made from ground seeds, along with the upholstery are recommended because they contain a large amount of fiber. They are rich in vitamins and minerals. Fiber has a lower glycemic index, gives a feeling of lightness in the stomach, saturates faster and longer than white bread.

Red sauce before white

When eating out, it is good to choose sauces prepared on the basis of tomatoes, because they are lower in calories than white sauces, which are with cream or mayonnaise.

We replace meat with legumes

We can make variants of soy, chickpeas, or beans instead of minced meatballs. It is useful not to eat meat often. Vegetarians and vegans have been shown to be weaker than meat-eaters. In addition, legumes saturate quickly because they contain more fiber and fiber than meat, and are lower in calories.

A small plate in front of a large one

We put large amounts of food on the big plate and try to finish the contents, so the small plate is a better option for serving. In addition, it is good to eat 80% of its contents. This principle is followed by the people of Okinawa, Japan, where the oldest people on the planet live.

We reduce alcohol

There are many people out there who follow a diet, but not lose weight. Often the reason is most wine in the evening. Alcohol and soft drinks are the reason for gaining weight. If carbohydrates and proteins provide the body with 4 calories per gram, then alcohol imports 7 calories per gram. And consuming alcohol, we are required to eat peanuts, chips, some appetizer. As for soft drinks, 1 tsp. of which may contain 10 tablespoons of sugar. So it makes no sense to go on a diet if we drink soft drinks uncontrollably. And they can be replaced with a glass of water with a slice of lemon or carbonated water with lemon.

Green tea detoxifies and helps to lose weight

It temporarily increases calorie burning and helps us lose weight more easily. Contains antioxidants that help prevent cell aging. In addition, green tea can expel toxins from the body.

Peppermint-flavored gum

When we are hungry and there is time until the main meal, it is good to chew peppermint gum without sugar.

Every day we burn 100 calories more than before

100 calories are about 20 minutes of walking, about 10 minutes of running, 20 minutes of cleaning the yard, or as much playing with the kids outside. When we lose weight, we don’t have to go to the gym or start sports. It is enough to increase our physical activity every day.

We sleep more

In a study by the University of Michigan, one hour more sleep at night can lead to a loss of 7 kg per year. When we sleep an hour more, we reduce calorie intake by about 6% per day. When we are sleep deprived, we often consume high-calorie foods, and this is wrong.

We focus on the goal of losing weight

When we want to lose weight, we can hang in a prominent place in our home a garment that we wore years ago to remind and stimulate us to lose weight and to enter it again. Another option is to stick on the fridge your photo from the time when we were thin or a photo of our idol to show us how we want to look.

We are rewarded

After each goal achieved at the end of the week, we can reward ourselves by going to the hairdresser, to a manicure, or by allowing ourselves to eat something sweet. This will give us an incentive to follow the same principles in the future.

Weight loss pills

Whether they are natural products such as green tea, chromium, or synthetic drugs based on orlistat, the effectiveness of most of them has not been proven, and unfortunately, the intake of some of them is associated with serious health risks.

It is possible that some of the remedies available in pharmacies like Mysimba support the process of weight reduction, but they must be prescribed by a doctor when the case requires it and it is not enough to take sports and diet.

The most unpleasant thing is that often in their desire to achieve an effect and quickly people tend to resort to funds whose purpose is far from other indications …

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