Calories Burned with Burpees Know This Before You Go

One of the most popular exercises that people are considering to do right now is calories burned with burpees. The thing with burpees is that they can be done together with other exercises or it can also be done alone. Usually it depends on the time that people have. They usually determine what they can do in order to know what their routine for the day is going to be.

What are Burpees?


There are still some people who are more familiar with the common exercises like jumping jacks, pushups and situps. If in case you also do not know burpees involve starting the exercise by reaching with the arms in the air and going down into a form of squats. After squatting for a short period of time, the person would have to go into a push up position with the correct posture and hand and arm placement before finally going back to the starting position. If you have never done this in the past, it is likely that you find the explanation so complicated but once you try doing it, you will realize that it is actually easy to understand it can just be a little bit hard to do.

There are some people who like this exercise because they feel that they are truly working out their whole body. As we all know, people can become highly successful in making their bodies healthier if they are able to lose their extra weight and if they are able to tone their bodies. Toning bodies will not be possible without weight loss exercises like burpees to do the trick.

Some people usually find it hard to breathe after undergoing a very hard burpee routine sometimes mixed in with other exercises that are designed to give the body a full body workout. Sometimes, it comes to a point when people just want to give up but those who are working in groups usually have more stamina and can work out better too. Consider this if you are thinking about working with a group or a partner or if you would like to work out alone. Usually people think about this when they want to know how much calories burned with burpees will be possible depending on how into the exercise they are.

Benefits of Calories Burned with Burpees

Still wondering why people choose burpees over all the other exercises that are available right now? Take a look at the different benefits and you will probably understand the reasons why:

  • Promotes Endurance – Are you poor at doing things for a long period of time? Maybe you tend to not last long when you have to do some jumping exercises. Doing burpees will test and strengthen your endurance over time.
  • No Machine Needed –Some people do not have the money or the time to search for machines that can help them do certain exercises at home. Burpees can be done anytime, anywhere without the use of any machine.
  • Tones Body – Would you like to tone most parts of your body in order to be physically fit and healthy? Burpees can help you reach that goal since it tones down certain body parts especially if you do it often and integrate it as part of your exercise.

Aside from these benefits mentioned above, burpees are very easy to place together with other workouts to create a whole fitness program that will be highly beneficial for a lot of people.

Factors that can Determine Effectivity of Burpees

What a lot of people should understand is that the calories burned with burpees amongst people will differ immensely on some factors. Some of these factors include the following:

  • Age – It is likely that younger people are able to move more and are able to keep up with the exercises more but those who are physically fit can still keep up with the younger generation. Still, age can be a bit factor that can contribute to how effective the exercise is going to be.
  • Metabolism – Somewhat related to age, we all know that people who are younger also have faster metabolisms than those who are already middle aged. People who are healthier usually have a better metabolic age than those who do not care much about the food that they eat. Truly, taking care of one’s body will pay off in the end.
  • Duration – How long are people going to do the burpees? Obviously, the longer that people are able to do the exercise without stopping will have better chances of burning off more calories than those who are not able to last that long. Still, there are also some who pause from time to time; this may also not be that effective.
  • Intensity – Some people who are working out alone tend to not give their very best since nobody is watching them. If you know that you are like this, you can be more intense when you are with a group of people. Therefore, you will be more productive if you work out with a group.
  • Environment – There are times when people who are exposed to a more stressful environment are not able to exercise that well because they have a lot of things on their minds. Those who can do the required activities with peace of mind can focus more on the things that should be done.

How to Do Burpees

Look this 10-Minute High Intensity Cardio Aerobic Exercise Workout – Burpees, Burn Fat/Calories, Lose Weight

So How Many Calories Do Burpees Burn?

There are instances when people are hesitant to try out burpees because they are not sure how many calories burned with burpees Depending on the intensity, frequency and duration of the workout, people are usually able to burn about 10 calories per minute. Just imagine how many burpees would have to be done in a minute. People would think twice about eating unhealthy food products again when compared to the number of burpees that would have to be done.

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