Benefits of Using Hydrogen Peroxide for Ear

It is possible that if you would check your medicine cabinet, Hydrogen Peroxide is one of those bottles that you can find inside. Hydrogen Peroxide is an inexpensive liquid that can usually be bought over the counter. A lot of people know that it has a lot of uses and it can be used for different things. People use it for the fast healing of scrapes and cuts but one of the more common uses of Hydrogen Peroxide is for the ear.

Do remember that the Hydrogen Peroxide being sold in drug stores are usually in diluted form already. It can be a bit hard to use pure Hydrogen Peroxide since it can be highly reactive.


Benefits of Using Hydrogen Peroxide for Ear

If using Hydrogen Peroxide for the ear is something new to you, you should realize now that there are different benefits that you can get from it. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • Can Be Used to Treat Ear Infection – There are some people who have infected ears because of bacteria. Hydrogen Peroxide may be just the thing that you need in order to effectively kill those bacteria. There are some people who get infected ears because of wrong ear cleaning. Some are so severe that they have small cuts inside their ear. Using Hydrogen Peroxide can help dry those small cuts.
  • Prevents the Onset of Colds – Have you ever had that feeling wherein you knew that you are going to catch a cold? If you are already feeling a bit under the weather because of this, you can place Hydrogen Peroxide in your ear to kill nasal bacteria. You may be wondering how this is possible. You have to remember that our ears are connected to our nasal passages, the liquid can then travel to the nasal area and kill the bacteria that might cause the cold.
  • Help in Removal of Ear Wax – Ear wax accumulates inside the ear over time and this is normal. There are times however when people find it hard to remove the ear wax because of wrong ear cleaning. There are also times when the ear wax tends to become too hard to remove. To aid you in ear wax removal, you can use Hydrogen Peroxide. It will make the ear wax softer and easier to remove.
  • Healing of Pierced Lobes – Some girls are lucky because their ears have already been pierced when they were younger. The lobes will not be too susceptible to bacteria as compared to lobes that will be pierced during teenage years and adult hood. Pierced ears that are not fully healed yet are very susceptible to infection so using Hydrogen Peroxide will help the lobes or even some parts of the ear heal faster than usual.

The benefits of using Hydrogen Peroxide seem so good enough right but you have to remember that aside from the benefits, there may be some disadvantages that can also come with using it.

Some of the disadvantages are the following:

  • Cannot Cure Deafness – There are some people who assume that when they are going deaf because of other health conditions, using Hydrogen Peroxide will make the condition better. This is not true at all. There are instances when the use of Hydrogen Peroxide will be severely bad for the ear.
  • Cannot melt severe blockage – Like mentioned earlier, wrong ear cleaning can play a huge role in blockages caused by too much ear wax found in an ear. When there is a severe blockage, using Hydrogen Peroxide is not the right thing to do anymore. Rather, what people can do instead is go to the doctor as soon as possible to remove whatever is causing the blockage.
  • Can cause allergies – There are some people who have extremely sensitive skin. Instead of helping, Hydrogen Peroxide can cause some irritation in the ear area. While this condition will not last, it can be extremely irritating.
  • Cannot do anything for flowing liquid from the ear – There are instances when the ear wax comes in liquid form and it can flow from inside the ear to the outside. It has a certain smell and can be yellowish in color. Instead of using Hydrogen Peroxide to treat the ear. What you can do is to contact your doctor immediately. Other procedures might have to be done in order to cure this condition.

Some Things to Remember

Do remember that when you are planning to clean your ears, you have to make sure that you have all of the ingredients that are available. You cannot use just Hydrogen Peroxide alone. You would need to have a dropper to drop the liquid near the ear canal. You also need a cotton swab or a towel when the time comes that you have to drain the ear wax. The ear wax usually comes in liquid form after it has reached contact with the Hydrogen Peroxide.

Another thing that you have to remember is that for soft ear wax that is not really impacted, you can just clean your ears once a week. If in case you have an impacted ear wax inside your ear, what you can do is to treat the area for about 5 consecutive days. If it does not work and the wax does not melt, you may have to ask your doctor to treat it for you.

The wrong use of Hydrogen Peroxide on your ear may be dangerous and can even worsen your ear condition if you have any. There are instances when the ear wax together with the Hydrogen Peroxide gets stuck near the ear drum. This can be highly irritating.

While doing home remedies may seem exciting and cheap, you have to remember that there are some things that cannot be solved by things that you can find at home. It might be best to always consult with your doctor first before trying anything if you are not sure about it.

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