Acai Berry Supreme – Learn How It Can Help You

What is Acai Berry Supreme?

The acai berry is a fruit of the acai palm tree which is naturally-occurring in Central and South America. It is regarded as a staple food of the Amazons for thousands of years because of its nutritional value. Acai Berry Supreme is a product of acai preparation, and is marketed as a dietary supplement.

Who makes it?

Various nutritional supplement companies have joined the wave of the acai berry popularity as a superfood. Among the brands that contain the acai berry supreme formula are Acai Berry Supreme from Meridian Supplements, Acai Supreme Plus from Nature’s GardenTM, and Acai Berry Select.

Where to get it?

Acai Berry Supreme—Learn How It Can Help YouYou can purchase the product in various online stores such as eBay and Amazon. You have to be careful though, as there have been lots of reported frauds that use the name of the product or make false claims that their products contain the acai berry formulation.


The manufacturers of the dietary supplements containing the acai berry formulation claim that the product is packed with high antioxidant levels compared to other berries, vitamins such as B, C, and E, essential fatty acids, iron, amino acids, fiber and calcium, thereby flushing out toxins from the body, promoting natural weight loss by suppressing appetite and burning fat, relieves bloating, increasing energy levels and ward off fatigue, improving skin appearance, strengthening immunity, improving blood circulation, and an overall healthy look and feel.

However, these results are not backed by clinical evidence, and since the product is a dietary supplement, it is not reviewed by and is not subject to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation and approval. Furthermore, the product is contraindicated if you have known allergies or sensitivities to it. There is also very little information available on the effect of the product if taken alone as a weight loss supplement, or if other factors such as balanced diet, exercise, and other dietary cautions and restrictions need to be considered to achieve the desired results. Most acai berry supplements are being endorsed by models, therefore conveying doubt if their results were achieved by genuine use of the products.

How Much Is It?

Prices of dietary supplements that contain acai berry vary greatly, depending on the weight of the product as packaged or the number of tablets that each of the bottles contain. For instance, in, price starts from $4.77 for a bottle with 60 tablets.


Acai berry supplements are highly in demand thanks to the high-profile celebrities that endorse them, who report that the products provide quick weight loss solutions. Free two-week trials are often offered by dietary supplement websites to establish customer satisfaction of the product, as long as shipping and handling fees are paid by the customer. While many customers report about the great benefits they have experienced on the products as stated above, there are little complaints of its low points. If there are, they are usually complaints related to inefficient service of the company providing the product.

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