17 Effective Sciatica Pain Relief Treatments

Sciatica normally affects one side of the body. This pain commonly occurs when the herniated disk or even bone spur on spine compresses parts of nerve. It often causes inflammation, numbness as well as pain in the affected area.

Sciatica Pain Relief Treatments

17 Effective Sciatica Pain Relief Treatments

Sciatica pain can be severe. It is possible to resolve the pain just within a few weeks. Most of the treatments are very normal, however; after normal treatment, if you fail to resolve your problem, then a simple surgery might be helped you to get rid of the pressure on your nerve. Following are some popular treatment of Sciatica pain.

1.Pain killer

Pain killers are recommended to kill the pain of the sciatica. This is the most effective way for many patients to relieve their pain. Ibuprofen is a very common painkiller as is Aspirin. These are readily available over the counter or may be prescribed in higher amounts by a doctor.

2.Provide rest to your back

You need to allow your back to rest in order to get relief from the nerve pain. That does not mean you need a complete bed rest. Try to sleep for at least 8 to 9 hours at night. While sleeping, avoid lying on your back. Rather, a curled fetal position with a pillow placed in between the legs is better as it eases off the pressure from the lower back.


Exercise is a key to health in general but it can be overlooked. If you suffer from sciatica, good health is essential. This means that you should exercise such as walking and stretching into your daily routine along with healthy eating habits. This will allow your body to gain energy to burn fat and control your weight.

4.Consuming vitamin B

You can take vitamin B from the natural sources like spinach, beef, navy beans, nuts, pinto beans, bananas, soybeans, breads, green peas, liver,pork, whole-grain cereals, unpolished rice as well as legumes. You can also prepare salads using watercress and also green vegetables.

5.Compression packs

Compression packs provide temporary relief from sciatica. It is an effective sciatica treatment to relieve extreme pain. Alternating hot and cold is the best way to manage your pain with compression packs.

6.Herbal treatment

Garlic has excellent antioxidant properties that can promote heavy blood circulation as well as can offer relief from pain. You can crush 2-3 fresh garlic cloves, mix it with half cup of warm buffalo milk and have it. It should be taken twice a day for a week to reduce the intensity of a severe sciatic nerve pain.


Corticosteroid is a fluid used in severe and chronic cases of sciatica. It is injected directly into the spine and is used only when oral medications are no longer a viable treatment option.


This is an alternative method of treatment and is highly effective on sciatica. Here, small metallic needles are inserted into the skin at specific pressure points for pain relief. It helps to get rid of the numbness and improve nerve sensation. It should be done by qualified professionals only.


Physiotherapy may be required as the sciatica becomes acute or chronic. It will allow the body to be lean and toned and also strengthen muscles.

10.Chiropractic Care

If you want, then you can also visit a professional chiropractor to get rid of pain. They apply some manual technique that helps to control the pain.

11.Ice therapy

It is a popular home remedy for sciatica pain relief that actually reduces nerve inflammation as well as alleviates pain. You should start this treatment within 2 days. You just need to place an ice pack on the affected area.

12.Heat therapy

Once the intensity of the pain decreases with ice therapy, start applying heat in the area. This improves blood circulation in the region, and thus ensures faster healing of the damaged nerve tissues. Use a hot water bottle or heating pad for heat application.

13.Message therapy

Your chiropractor may recommend a massage therapy soon after the manipulation. This will release the tension from the back muscles by improving the blood flow. It also makes the muscles strong and flexible.

14.Drinking lot of water

You need to drink sufficient water daily. It will hydrate your body. Water will also help you lubricate the joints. Drink sufficient amounts of water will help your vertebral disc to regain the natural position.

15.Sleep the proper way

Most of us hardly pay attention to the position in which we sleep. Those suffering from sciatica, however, are advised to sleep in a fetal position, with a pillow between the legs as a means of support. People who like to sleep on their backs should reduce lower back pressure by keeping a small pillow under the knees.

16.Stretching exercise

If you want to get quick relief, then you should try gentle stretching exercises. This type of stretching exercise is very helpful because it reduces the pressure from sciatic nerve and pain starts to decrease quickly.

17.Be cautious

You can experience this pain again and again if you are not conscious about the causes of the pain. Incorrect posture can easily aggravate this condition. You need to identify all the movements that can trigger sciatica pain and you have to avoid those movements.


For many people, sciatica pain responds really well to home-care measures. You will be able to heal quickly if you start to continue with your daily activities, however; you need to avoid all the activities that may make the condition worse. You can also take rest of your pain is severe.

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